Sweet Sleeping with Vetiver Essential Oil.


My daughter did not sleep straight through the night until about age 3.

I could get her to go to sleep no problems at all.  All the sleeping routines were set and implemented but to get her sleeping right through the night seemed impossible.

I was familiar with vetiver essential oil, I even had a bottle of the oil at home but had never used it to address sleep issues.  I had used it for years, it was the oil I had used previously to ground me.    Its earthy aroma gives me comfort it makes me feel like my feet are stuck firmly in the moist earthy floor of a rainforest and I love it.  It’s funny, I don’t really meet many people who actually enjoy the smell of vetiver essential oil.  I use to use it when I attended early morning yoga classes years before.  It was this memory that had attached feelings of calm and stillness to the aroma of this beautiful oil.

*Remember, my daughter was three at the time.  Essentials oils are not to be used on or around babies or very small children unless under the strict direction of a qualified aromatherapist.

Vetiver oil is incredibly useful when getting to sleep and staying asleep is an issue.  I decided to give it a go and It worked.    I used it for maybe a week and then let my daughter go to sleep without using it and she slept straight through.  Since that time I use it only when she is super active at bed time.   That was nearly three years ago and I have used it on me successfully and  on a chronic adult insomniac ( in combination with passionflower and californian poppy herbal tea) and it has proven itself each time.

I reached for it last week as I had my nephew and niece staying for the school holidays.  The oldest at age 11 was attempting to sleep but tossing and turning and his legs were super restless.  I asked his dad and him if I could use the oil and they both were happy to give it a try.  Well in five minutes his legs stopped wriggling and within ten minutes he was fast asleep.

Vetiver essential oil ( Vetiveria zizanoides) is one of my favourite oils and a staple in my house.  I find it very useful on those nights when I have way too much going on in my mind and just can’t seem to sleep.   I am not saying this will work for anyone else, I am simply sharing what I have discovered through personal use on myself and my family.

1-2 drops of Vetiver essential oil can be added to a teaspoon of good quality vegetable oil.  (1 drop for children and 2 drops for an adult)  If you do not have access to a range of base oils you can use a good olive oil or high quality vegetable oil in the kitchen. Rule number one with all essential oils is to avoid contact with the eyes and do not swallow.  I would rub this blend into the soles of my feet (child) and on the nape of my neck or onto the backs of my ears (adult).  *Less is more with essential oils so do not use more than necessary.

*  See also Aromatherapy for Sleep :http://aromaticsforwellbeing.com/?p=516

Note on neat essential oils:  It is written in most literature on essential oils that no pure essential oil is to be applied neat to the skin.  A professional and fully qualified aromatherapist may recommend neat application based on the individual and the situation.  I tried it knowing the risks of using neat oils and I have had no problems at all.  Remember there are essential oils that should never go near the skin.  If you do burn your skin with essential oil, the best thing to do is put a really fatty oil on the area and keep doing it until it stops hurting. On the very rare occasion when I have burnt myself,  I have used unrefined pure shea butter as it works really well. I only ever use therapeutic high quality essential oils.  Any major skin irritation should be seen to by a qualified health practitioner.


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